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Iceland x Dragon! Reader - Don't Touch Them
If you read my other Iceland x Dragon! Reader - Silver Dagger, the world will make sense. This IS NOT COMPLETELY historically accurate. (I think...)
Emil was afraid. (name), the (f/c) dragon he had befriended in 1906, might be wrong about Germany. There had been rumors of Germany aiming to take over Denmark, and Emil was going insane with worry that something bad was going to happen to the porcupine-haired dane. Emil was going to see the ancient dragon when Mr. Puffin came flapping down to his shoulder, and said the three words Emil didn’t want to her.
“Germany’s attacking Denmark.” the bird squawked. Emil stopped short.
“What!” he yelped.
“Germany’s attacking Denmark, stupid. That’s what I said.” Mr. Puffin said in his blunt fashion. Emil sprinted up the rest of the path before arriving at the cave entrance, where
:iconmilliethekitty27:MillietheKitty27 89 80
Iceland x Dragon!Reader - Silver Dagger part 2
Part 2, because I felt like it.
Emil had been spending lots of time with the huge (f/c) dragon named (name), most commonly known as ‘The Silver Dagger’ of Mt. Esjan. (name) had told him quite a bit about herself, for instance, she had told him about her brother, (b/n) who was killed by hunters long ago, and her best friend Fafnyr Goldenwings, who was actually a tridrake, meaning that Fafnyr had three heads, each with a different personality. In return, Emil
had filled (name) in on what had been happening in the world and told her about his life and his brothers. He had been going to her cave for several years, basically since 1906. Since then, Emil had re-made his relationship with his brother Lucas. This year, however, Emil was in a slight panic. It was 1939, and Germany had just invaded Poland.
The (f/c) dragon was sitting in the center of her hoard, making sure everything was in order, when Emil burst into the cave.
:iconmilliethekitty27:MillietheKitty27 64 28
Young!Iceland x Dragon!Reader - Silver Dagger
The ‘Silver Dagger’ of the Esjan mountain of Iceland. It was the group of young vikings Lucas, Matthias, Tino, Berwald, and Emil to find the famous dragon and bring back it’s head. The dragon was said to eat farm animals and kidnap people whenever it felt like. The five boys believed it was their job to protect their people as the countries of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland. The boys were currently climbing up the tall, cold mountain, their furs wrapped as tightly around their shoulders as possible.
“Where is that stupid cave?!” shouted Matthias, waving his hands around.
‘‘ver th’re!” Berwald called. Matthias scrambled across to check the cave for the dragon, the other four following behind him. The group entered the cave, and quickly pulled out their weapons. However, Emil noticed something and toddled off to see whatever it was.
“Emil!” cried Lucas, running after him.
“Lucas, don’t!
:iconmilliethekitty27:MillietheKitty27 81 32
The Guardian (Scotland x Forest Guardian!Reader)
((Please listen to this throughout the story! When Reader-Chan's story is mentioned, it is this!
When Allistor's Story is mentioned, play this!
Read On My Dear Readers!))
The woods were silent, save for usual rustle of the small animals scurrying over the dead foliage laying on the ground and the birds rustling the leaves that hung overhead, which seemed to create a thin veil between the floor of the forest and the bright sky above. 
All at once, the minute sounds that originated from the surrounding animals stopped, as if they were simultaneously taking a breath, all staring in one direction. 
If was quiet enough where each being could hear the trampling footsteps of an animal, coming closer by the second. By the lack of stealth and grace, it was easily be told to be a human, which was what caught the attention of a certain (h/c). 
(Y/n) h
:iconkitinskey:Kitinskey 107 26
Of Ice and Scales. Nordics x reader part 14
      You let out a small groan of discomfort as you slowly regained consciousness. You opened your eyes only to tightly shut them again, irritated by the light. As your eyes adjusted you made an attempt at remembering what had happened. You let out a gasp as your memories flooded back, and your hands instinctively flew to your neck. Well, one hand did. You slowly turned your head to your right hand, which was being held captive by a certain spikey-haired blond. He was sitting on a chair next to your bed with his hands wrapped around yours. His head was resting on the side of the bed as he slept, his breaths calm and even. You moved your free hand from your neck to his hair, ruffling it slightly.
      “Ngh, five more minutes.” he groaned, his eyes still shut.
      “At least let go of my hand, I think it’s going numb.” You commanded with a small smirk on your face. Mathias shot up, letting out a gasp.
:iconlonlon09:lonlon09 157 49
Of Ice and Scales. Nordics x reader part 13
      It was still dark when you woke. You slowly sat up, not able to shake a feeling of dread, and looked around. Other than the house next to you, you couldn’t spot anything except for snow and the occasional tree. You shivered slightly and realized how much the winds had picked up during the night. You sluggishly stood and began to trudge back to your cave, too sleepy to fly. You had only made it halfway back when you began to feel like you were being watched. You stopped and glanced around you, trying to find the cause of your discomfort. Only when you heard a screech above you did you think to look up. The last thing you noticed was the distinct absence of stars.
      Mathias woke with a start. He sat up and glanced out his window, surprised to see that you weren’t there. He paled when he heard a roar echo in the distance only to cut off abruptly. He instantly jumped out
:iconlonlon09:lonlon09 65 19
Of Ice and Scales. Nordics x reader part 12
      "I'm heading out!" Mathias's voice echoed throughout the house. Tino called out a quick goodbye from his spot on the couch next to Berwald as Mathias bounded out of the house, the door swinging shut behind him. Tino let a small smile creep onto his face. Since you no longer were able to fit into the house, you were forced to find a new place to sleep at night. Luckily, the six of you were able to find a small cave somewhat near the house. Since then, Mathias had made it a habit to visit you every morning, usually bringing along some sort of a snack. Today however, they had something special planned for you. Exchanging glances, the remaining four stood and got to work.
      Sunlight bounced off the icy walls of the cave as Mathias arrived at your new home. Taking a moment to readjust his scarf and bag, the Dane stepped into the glittering cavern. After a short walk he stumbled upon your slumbering form,
:iconlonlon09:lonlon09 78 23
Of Ice and Scales. Nordics x reader part 11
      Lukas had left some time ago to go and call the Brit and explain the situation to him. Meanwhile, Berwald, Tino, and Emil paced the room while you and Mathias stayed on the couch, your head resting on his lap. You were exhausted from attempted transformations, no matter how hard you tried you couldn't shift to either of your forms. Your body still ached with a slight pain where the scales covered your skin, and you were steadily growing weaker and weaker as time went by. Mathias glanced down at you with worry, and you attempted a smile to comfort him. Unfortunately, it turned out more like a grimace, and you worried that you had upset him more when his expression saddened. Mathias had just opened his mouth to say something when Lukas walked back into the room, cutting him off.
      "He's going to be here soon. He's using a transport spell rather than a plane to get here, so don't be surprised if he suddenly appears." Mathias glanced back down to y
:iconlonlon09:lonlon09 77 12
Of Ice and Scales. Nordics x reader part 10
      You sat on the bed in the guest room. Though, by now it was really yours. You smiled at how happy the Nordics have been since you made your request to stay. You turned to the window where moonlight was streaming in and stared at the icy landscape before you. You never realized how beautiful the snow could be until you were able to enjoy it from the warmth of a home. You stood up and leaned on the window pane, looking down at the sporadic footprints made during the snowball fight earlier today. You giggled as you remembered Mathias’s expression when you had surprised him with a snowball to the face, or Emil’s panic once everyone started targeting him. Even Berwald had joined in, though it was mostly to hurl snow at Mathias after the Dane had rubbed snow into Tino’s hair.
      Your smile quickly faded as your arm began to tingle slightly. You were about to brush it off when it suddenly escalated to a burning pain. Clutching your arm, you sank to your knees, only
:iconlonlon09:lonlon09 79 13
Of Ice and Scales. Nordics x reader part 9
      “You seem to have a bad habit of showing up here and getting injured,” Tino remarked as he wrapped your wounds from your recent battle. You gave him a sheepish look. You had again borrowed some clothes from the Nordics as yours had been shredded back in Italy.
      “Well it’s not like I try to get hit.” You replied. Tino gave a slight chuckle.
      “There, all done.” He said, standing up and giving you one last glance over, “I don’t suppose you’re going to ask to leave again like last time, are you?”
      “Actually…it’s quite the opposite,” you admitted, blushing slightly, “I was wondering- you know, if it’s not too much trouble- if I could maybe-”
      “Of course you can stay!” Mathias exclaimed as he wrapped you in a hug. You gave him a smile as he released his hold on
:iconlonlon09:lonlon09 90 11
Of Ice and Scales. Nordics x reader part 8
      You stared across the bleak snowy landscape from your current shelter in a cave. It had been weeks since that fateful day in Italy. You let out a sigh and rested your head on your front claws, savoring the temporary shield from the wind. Not that your scales couldn’t handle the harsh winds, but it was always nice to spend some time a little bit warmer than normal. It wouldn’t be long now before you had to head back out in search of food again. You closed your eyes and listened to the whistling of the wind by the cave entrance. You briefly wondered what Mathias and the others were up to. Had they gone back to their normal lives? Did England and China ever do anything to them?
      …Did they miss you?
      You shook your head, scattering the few snowflakes that had found their way into the cave. It wouldn’t do anyone any good for you to constantly wonder about them. You stood and stretched your stiff muscles
:iconlonlon09:lonlon09 82 21
Of Ice and Scales. Nordics x reader part 7
      You awoke hours later to an annoying light in your eyes. It took you a moment before you recalled what had happened earlier. You let out a growl and recoiled from it, pressing yourself back against the wall. You were ready to fight if it came down to it.
      “Hey guys! I found her!” you heard the person call. You relaxed a little at the familiar voice. Was that?
      “Emil?” you asked tentatively, slowly crawling towards the light source.
      “Yeah. I guess this is repayment for finding me when I was lost.” he replied, extending a hand to help you up with. You pulled yourself up and glanced around to see four other flashlights bobbing up and down on their way towards you.
      “(y/n)! I’m so glad you’re alright! We were so worried something had happened to you when we didn’t see you in the hallway!” you heard Tino exclaim as he en
:iconlonlon09:lonlon09 75 11
Of Ice and Scales. Nordics x reader part 6
      The trip to Italy wasn’t as terrible as you expected it to be. You had gotten a couple odd stares at the airport from security, but it had only taken a word or two from the others and you were soon walking by without question. Apparently being a country had its perks. The only downside was the actual trip on the plane. You had only ever flown as a dragon, and being trapped in a large metal contraption suspended in the air was very uncomfortable for you.
      Once you had arrived in Italy the six of you were escorted to a waiting car to take you to the meeting. Lukas and Tino spent the entire ride giving you tips for the meeting. You weren’t really paying attention though, you were far too busy with the scenery.
      All your life you had lived in the snowy landscape of the north. To say that the climate here was different would be an understatement. You stared out the window, enthralled by the immense greenery that pas
:iconlonlon09:lonlon09 76 14
Of Ice and Scales. Nordics x reader part 5
      By the time Mathias and you had made it back to the house night had already fallen. As soon as you stepped into the front door you were met with four nervous blonds. You blinked in confusion.
      “(y/n), we need to talk.” Tino said, stepping forward. Once you took off your winter clothes they led you to the couch. You looked to Mathias for answers only to see him talking to Emil, who showed him a slip of paper. It did nothing to ease your nerves when you saw his face pale as he read it. You turned to Berwald.
      “Was it something I did? Why are you all so nervous all of a sudden?” You questioned, glancing at each person.
      “It’s nothing you did.” Lukas started, “In fact it’s us. We haven’t been completely honest with you.”
      You stopped as you remembered the strange slip ups Mathias and Tino had the first time you met them.
:iconlonlon09:lonlon09 82 6
Of Ice and Scales. Nordics x reader part 4
      You stared at the ceiling, bored out of your mind. Waiting for your injuries to heal wasn’t exactly high class entertainment, so you spend a good chunk of time sitting around the house with nothing to do. You would have liked to go flying, but your wings still hadn’t completely healed, though the majority of your other injuries were gone. You heard someone walking to the door and shifted on the couch to get a better look. There, in full winter clothes, was Mathias holding some sort of wooden contraption. He noticed you staring and flashed you a smile.
      “I’m heading out to do some sledding, want to join me?” He asked. You tilted your head quizzically.
      “Sledding? What’s that?” you asked. Mathias let out a chuckle.
      “You’ve really never been sledding? We need to fix that,” He said while grabbing your arm and pulling you off the couch. He h
:iconlonlon09:lonlon09 90 9
Of Ice and Scales. Nordics x reader part 3
     A few hours after you had arrived at the house, Emil finally woke up. To your relief, he was completely fine. After the others explained what had happened, he gave you a short thank-you before heading back into his room, embarrassed that he had needed to be saved. It was then that Tino realized that you needed a place to sleep. Despite you protesting that you could sleep on the couch, he convinced you to take the guest bedroom.
     You awoke the next morning feeling more refreshed than you had in years. It was nice to be able to sleep without worrying about being attacked in the middle of the night. You slipped on the set of clothes they had loaned you the day before and headed downstairs. As soon as your foot hit the floor, you noticed a delicious smell in the air. You followed it to the kitchen and saw Tino hard at work cooking breakfast. Your stomach let out a loud roar, and you blushed when Tino turned to face you.
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This is an incredible page! The expressions are...expressive, and portrays their emotions quite clearly. They react accurately to their...



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